Floating dock 1


Floating dock 1 allows docking of vessels with length over all up to 160 m and breadth 22,80 m.

Lifting Capacity, t 7500
Breadth between wing walls, m 23,4
Length over pontoon deck, m 139,5
Length overall, m 155,0
Depth of sea water above
the keel blocks, m 8,7
Two portal crane 2 х 5 т/15 м

Floating dock 2

Floating dock 2 is with lifting capacity 2200 t and unique construction for lifting and shifting of docked ships. It serves three pcs. rail slipways. The technology for pulling the ships out on the shore by electrically driven trucks allows docking of several ships at the same time.

Lifting capacity without trucks, t 2200
Lifting capacity with  trucks, t 1800
Breadth between the wing walls, м 17,8
Length over all of pontoon deck, м 115
Length overall, m  130
Sea water  depth above trucks, m 7,2
One portal crane 1 х 8 т/10 м


Rail slipways


There are three rail slipways with length 130 m each, serviced by Floating dock 2.  The rail slipways are equipped with electrically driven rail trucks, a portal crane – 16t/20m(8t/30m), a tower crane-6t/8m (3t/30m)  and truck cranes 45t, 16t и 8t. They are supplied with electricity, acetylene, oxygen, fresh water  and compressed air.