Steel Workshop

Steel workshop is well equipped and carries out all kinds of repair works and conversions:

  • Shell plating, various hull structures and units
  • Double-curvature fore ends and aft ends
  • Hatch covers
  • Reefers with all specificity of heat insulation in holds
  • Repair and fabrication of new furniture and paneling in superstructure
  • Repair of plastic vessels by using polymeric materials and resins
  • All kinds of carpentry at the request of the customer
  • Doors, manholes, ladders, deck fittings and etc.

Mechanical Workshop

Mechanical workshop carries out the following repairs:

  • Complete dock repair
  • Main and auxiliary diesel engines
  • Air, refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors
  • Pumps
  • High-pressure fuel pumps and nozzles
  • Hydraulic units – hydrocylinders and hydro pumps
  • Pressure vessels and firefighting equipment
  • Repair of P/V valves including check on stand
  • Repair of all types valves (bottom- overboard and in such systems).
  • Shafts of length up to 13 000 mm and diameter up to 1 200 mm machining
  • Manufacture of gear wheels of diameter up to 720 mm
  • Treatment of details with boring machine with capacity up to 3500 mm.

Pipe Workshop 

Pipe workshop carries out all kinds of pipes such as steel, stainless and copper pipes for cargo, ballast, heating, hydraulic systems and other systems.

  • Pipe Renewal
  • Pipe Repair
  • Pipeline modification
  • Fabrication and installation of new pipelines
  • Repair and fabrication of all types heat exchangers
  • Repair of marine boilers
  • Repair of exhaust gas boilers

Electrical Workshop

Electrical workshop carries out:

  • Repair and rewinding of motors and generators, repair of all kinds of electrical equipment
  • New marine electrical equipment – manufacture and installation
  • Laying cable runs
  • Preventive maintenance, repair and inspection of generator cutout switches and instrumentation
  • Metal heat treatment
  • Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  • Dynamical balance of rotors and turbines
  • Electronic repair

Radio Electronic Equipment Workshop

  • Marine radars
  • Marine navigation and radio navigation equipment
  • Marine Radio location еquipment
  • Marine communication systems
  • Marine Steering gears and autopilots
  • Vessel automation
  • Naval production

Quality Control and Technical documentation   Department

  • Technical Department
  • Quality Control Department
  • Laboratory for checking and calibration of all type gauges
  • Laboratory performing chemical analysis of metals, mechanical tests of metals,   dangerous gases in closed spaces measurement, lubricating materials analysis
  • Section Technical control of resources with high risk