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MV Vera Su was accepted for unloading and repair in

MV Vera Su, which was in distress for 36 days near the rocky shore of Yailata area for month and a half, was accepted last night for unloading and repair in "TEREM-SHIPYARD Flotski Arsenal - Varna" LTD. The vessel is under the Panamanian flag, carrying more than 3,000 tons of urea, some of which has already been unloaded. After the ship was successfully towed at the end of October and moved to Varna, yesterday around 18:30 started the maneuver of moving MV VERA SU to "TEREM-SHIPYARD Flotski Arsenal - Varna" LTD, where she was accommodated at berth. Unloading and dock repairs are forthcoming to establish the compromised areas, their removal and restoration of the vessel's unsinkability.

TEREM-SHPYARD Flotski Arsenal - Varna Ltd.