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Danail Slavov
General Manager

Danail Slavov was born in Varna. He graduated from the Technical University - Varna with a Bachelor's degree in TRANSPORT ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGIES and Master degree in FLEET AND PORTS OPERATION. 

He has worked at PORT VARNA EAD and MARINE ANTIPOLLUTION ENTERPRISE" JSCO. Since November 2012 he becomes part of the team of Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD as an Executive Director of Bulport Logistics AD - Varna for almost 10 years.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry EAD from October 2013 to May 2018. After an organizational changes in July 2014 he becomes Executive Director of the Shipyard for 4 years. From the beginning of 2016 he was a member of the Board of Directors of Odessos PBM AD port. 

Mr. Danail Slavov is General Manager of TEREM-SHIPYARD Flotski Arsenal - Varna Ltd. since October 2018.

Eng. Danail Slavov is a member of the Control Board of the BULGARIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SHIPBUILDING AND SHIPREPAIR /BULNAS/, as well as member of the Board of Managers in BULGARIAN CHAMBER OF SHIPPING.

Managing Team:


Stefan Stoyanov
Administrative and Technical Director

Stefan Stoyanov has graduated from Varna Technical University in program “Naval Architecture and Marine Technology”. At present he is a candidate Doctor of Philosophy in program “Naval Architecture and Shiprepair Technology and Organization”, subject “Maintainability of the Ships”.

He has started his professional carrier in the biggest shiprepair enterprise in Bulgaria, passing over practical training in all workshops and directions. He has gained considerable experience in shipbuilding due to the chances he had to be in charge of all sections comprising the stages of hull building- nesting, components assembly, panel and units assembly, block assembly, grand assembly. He has several years of experience in manufacturing and repair of pipelines for the shipbuilding as well as for the industry. Fluent in English and Russian.

Mr. Stefan Stoyanov is Technical and Administrative Director of TREREM-SHIPREPAIR FLOTSKI ARSENAL - VARNA LTD. since November 2018.


Stoyan Stoyanov
Production Director

Stoyan Stoyanov has been working in the field of shipbuilding and shiprepair since 2005, when he started working at Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry AD as Inspector Total Quality. He later headed the department in the shipbuilding division.

Since 2009 he has been managing: Hull 2 ​​- responsible for the assembly of ships under construction, Hull 1 - for the production of sections and blocks. In the conditions of shiprepair after 2012, he manages the newly formed Hull workshop until the end of 2018.

In the beginning of 2019 he joins the management team of TEREM-SHIPYARD Flotski Arsenal - Varna LTD., holding the position of Production Director.



Radoslav Kostadinov 
Director Commercial and Marketing Dep.

Radoslav Kostadinov was born in Varna. He graduated from the Technical University - Varna with a Bachelor's degree in “Naval Architecture and Marine Technology”. He completed a traineeship program at MTG Dolphin, as well as a 4-months seagoing service on  container vessel with IHB Shipping Co. EAD. He is currently completing his Master's Degree, majoring in Ship Machines and Mechanisms, at Nicola Vaptsarov Naval Academy - Varna.

He began his professional career as an Inspector in Total Quality Dept. in Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry AD. A year later he is promoted to a Head of the Dept. Throughout the years of his career development at the Shipyard he passes through several possitions such as: Head of Hull Workshop, Shiprepair Expert, Shiprepair Estimator. In 2018 he becomes Production Director of Bulyard SI AD.

Mr. Radoslav Kostadinov is Director "Commercial and Marketing" at TEREM-SHIPYARD FLOTSKI ARSENAL - VARNA LTD since June 2019. 



Maria Atanasova
Chief Accountant

Maria Atanasova was born in Varna. She completed her higher education at the University of Economics - Varna with a degree in Accounting and Control.

Her professional development as an accountant began even before she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in the specialty. From the very beginning of her career Maria Atanasova specialized in the field of Shipping related services. For a short time she worked as an assistant auditor and at the end of 2019 she joined the team of TEREM - SHIPYARD Flotski  Arsenal - Varna Ltd. as an accountant. A year and a half later she was promoted to Deputy Chief Accountant.
From May 2022 Maria Atanasova takes over the position of Chief Accountant at TEREM - SHIPYARD Flotski  Arsenal - Varna Ltd


The Shipyard is 100% state owned by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria and operates on a total self-supporting basis.


Management Structure