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Quays and Cranes

Floating quays

Two floating pontoon quays with length 110 m each and total berthed length 440 m i.e. (2 х (110 m + 110 m). Seawater depth at the quays is 7 м. The quays are supplied with electricity, acetylene, oxygen, fresh water, and compressed air.

Berthing quays and Cranes

Berthing quay 1, length 130 м, serviced by portal crane  16 t/8м (8t/30м).

Berthing quay 2, length 270 м, serviced by portal cranes 16 t/20м, 8t/30м and 5t/25m. This berthing quay is suitable for afloat repairs of vessels with deadweight up to 50000 t.

Berthing quay 3, length 140 м, serviced by portal crane 16t/ 35m;


Except the portal cranes mentioned above the Yard posses 45t/31m mobile crane which serves all the rail slipways, floating and berthing quays.