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Complex repair of commercial vessels:

- Docking, class and emergency repair of all types civil vessels;
- Complex repair of surface naval vessels and submarines, including repair of armament, radar stations, navigation, hydro acoustic and other equipment;
- All kinds of steel work;
- Hull and tank blasting SA-2.5;
- Painting with all types paint;
- Repair of main and auxiliary diesel engines, steam turbines, compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, boilers and etc.;
- Repair of tail shafts, steering gears and bow thrusters;
- Repair of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic gears, aggregates and systems;
- Repair of control and measuring apparatus, electronic devices and systems.  

Complex repair of military vessels:

- Docking types civil and complex repair of hull;
- Repair of main and auxiliary systems and devices;
- repair of armament;
- radar stations;
- navigation;
- hydro acoustic and other equipment.