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About Us


“We offer more than repair – we offer reliability!”

In the course of the years Flotski Arsenal has developed its production capacities and its scientific potential in favor of Bulgarian Navy.


The traffic capacity of the yard is ensured by two floating docks, four quays, four floating quays with whole length of 1300 м, three rail slipways served by floating dock 2.

- Floating Docks and Rail Slipways;

- Quays and Cranes;

- Workshops.

- Complex repair of vessels and submarines;
- Dock repairs;
- Shipbuilding of small multi- purpose and special vessels;
- Conversion and modernization  of ships;
- All kinds of steel work;
- Express spectral analysis of metals and materials;
- Repair of weapons, radar stations and equipment;
- Repair of armament and many others (incl. electronic, spare parts and life saving crafts).