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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is intended to inform and inform you about how the data we collect is used, as well as the methods by which you can modify and adjust the information we collect in connection with the websites and applications owned or controlled by TEREM - SHIPYARD FLOTSKI ARSENAL - VARNA LTD. and your rights under the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

TEREM - SHIPYARD FLOTSKI ARSENAL - VARNA LTD. is the administrator of your personal data within the meaning of the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection.

І. Subject

This Privacy Policy is intended to indicate what personal data we process in the course of our activities in connection with the Site, for what purposes and on what grounds we carry out such processing, and to provide additional information and assistance in this regard.
If you have any questions for us regarding the protection of your personal data, you may use the contact information provided at the end of this Privacy Policy.
Please read this Policy carefully before using our services. It is important for you to know that:
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Providing the required personal data is voluntary in order to use or access our Site services. Your possible refusal to provide the required personal data to use the services of our Site would mean refusal to use the relevant services or access the Site.

II. Definitions

1. Personal Data - every information which is connected