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Floating Docks and Rail Slipways

Floating Dock 1:

Floating Dock 1 has lifting capacity  8000 t.
It allows docking of vessels with length over all up to 160 m and breadth 23,40 m.


Floating Dock 2:

The Small Floating Dock at TEREM-SHIPYARD FLOTSKI ARSENAL - VARNA LTD is with lifting capacity 2200 t and unique construction for lifting and shifting of docked ships. It serves three rail slipways. The technology for pulling the ships out on the shore by electrically driven trucks allows docking of several ships at the same time.


Rail Slipways:


There are three rail slipways with length 135 m each.

The rail slipways are equipped with electrically driven rail trucks, a portal crane – 16 t/20 m (8 t/30 m) and tower crane - 6 t/30 m. The slipways are supplied with electricity, acetylene, oxygen, fresh water, and compressed air. They are suitable for repair, conversion and newbuilding of several vessels at the same time.

The rail slipways are also serviced by an auto crane - 45 t